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Just Learning to Read  ◘  Third Grade  ◘   Fourth Grade
Fifth and Sixth Grade  ◘  Seventh and Eighth Grade

For those Just Learning to Read                                                      
Arnold, Tedd               Hi Fly Guy!
Berenstain,                 Stan & Jan Bears on Wheels
Bonsall,                       Crosby Mine’s the Best
Burningham, John      The Rabbit
Capucilli,                     Alyssa Biscuit series
Eastman, P.D.            Go Dog Go
Evans, Katie               Hunky Dory Ate It
Foley, Greg                 Thank You Bear
Fox, Mem                    Hattie and the Fox
Goodwin, Laura          Happy and Honey
Hamsa, Bobbie          Polly Wants a Cracker
Hayes, Geoffrey         Benny and Penny in Just Pretend
Hill, Eric                      Spot series
Hillert, Margaret         Help for Dear Dragon
Meister, Cari              My Pony Jack
Ohi, Ruth                    Me and My Sister
Piley, Dav                  The Complete Adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog
Rosenthal, Agnes     Silly Lilly & the Four Seasons
Schaefer, Lola M.     Mittens series
Dr. Seuss                   Hop on Pop
Shaw, Nancy             Sheep in a Jeep
Stadler, John             Hooray for Snail!
Watanabe, Sheigo   How do I Put it On?
Willems, Mo              Elephant and Piggie series
Ziefert, Harriet          Sleepy Dog
All of these titles are available in the Children’s Room. Ask a librarian for help!

Third Grade                                                                            Top of Page
BlakeAkiak,      A Tale from the Idatarod
Bunting             So Far From the Sea
Fleming            The Hatmaker's Sign
Lester               Black Cowboy, Wild Horses
Lowell               Bootmaker and the Elves
McCully            Beautiful Warrior
McLerran         The Mountain that Loved a Bird
Yolen                King Long Shanks
AschPearl's     Pirates
Auch                 I Was a Third Grade Science Project
Beard              The Flimflam Man
Bradley            Ruthie's Gift
Broger             The Day Chubby Became Charles
BuntingSome  Frog
Bulla                 Chalk Box Kid
Cameron         More Stories Huey Tells
Christian          Sebastian Super Sleuth (Mystery)
Cleary              Ramona the Brave
Clifford             Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Missing Schoolhouse (Mystery)
Conford           A Job for Jenny Archer
Etra                  Aliens for Breakfast (Sci-fi)
Giff                   Rosie's Big City Ballet
                         Kidnap at the Catfish Cafe (Mystery)
Graeber           Fudge
Greer              Jason and the Escape from the Bat Planet (Sci-fi)
Honeycutt       Granville Jones: Commando
Howard           The Chickenhouse House
Howe              Bunnicula
Hurwitz            Ever-Clever Elisa
Joose             Ghost Trap: A Wild Willie Mystery (Mystery)
Keller              Angela's Top Secret Computer Club
King-Smith     The School Mouse
Levy                Third Grade Bullies
                        Something Queer in the Wild West (Mystery)
Naylor             One of the Third Grade Thonkers
Pilkey             Adventures of Captain Underpants
Pinkwater      Ned Feldman, Space Pirate (Sci-fi)
Polacco         Pink and Day
SloteMy         Trip to Alpha 1 (Sci-fi)

224 Ger                     Jonah and the Two Great Fishes
284.3 Dem                Buddha Stories
284.8 Tur                   Shaker Hearts
398 Ste                     Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (Reading Rainbow)
398.2 Beh                 The King of Ireland's Son
398.2 Cha                 Beggar's Magic
398.2 Dab                 Polar Bear's Son
398.2 Dem               One Grain of Rice
398.2 Dia                 The Hunterman and the Crocodile
398.2 Gon                 Senor Cat's Romance
398.2 San                 The Hired Hand
530.8 Lee                 Easy Measuring Penny
594 Lem                   Easy The Shell Book
595.79 Dor               Easy Ant Cities
599.32 Ber               Prairie Dogs
599.74 Mat              Harp Seal Pups
780.92 Moz             Young Mozart
793.7 Ann                Anno's Math Games
793.74 Mat              Easy Math Riddles
811 Kus                   The Sky is Always in the Sky
811 Lew                  The Little Buggers
811.54 Hob             Easy Llama Who Had No Pajama
811.54 Yol               The Originals: Animals that Time Forgot
920 Armstrong         Neil Armstrong: Space Pioneer
920 Breckinridge     Mary on Horseback
920 Dalai Lama      The Dalai Lama: A Biography of the Tibetan Spiritual and Political Leader
940.1 Nik                 Till Year's Good End
940.53 Adl               Hiding from the Nazis
Fourth Grade:                                                                           Top of Page
Avi                                     Barn
Berends, Polly                 Case of the Elevator Duck
Blume, Judy                     Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself
Blume, Judy                     Fudge-a-Mania
Blume, Judy                     Superfudge
Bond, Michael                 Bear Called Paddington
Bunting, Eve                    Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies
Byars, Betsy                   18th Emergency
Byars, Betsy                    Pinballs
Byars, Betsy                    Bingo Brown and the Language of Love
Byars, Betsy                    Blossom Promise
Byars, Betsy                    Computer Nut
Cameron, Ann                 Julian, Secret Agent
Caudill, Rebecca             Did You Carry the Flag Today, Charley?
Cleary, Beverly                 Beezus and Ramona
Cleary, Beverly                 Socks
Cleary, Beverly                 Ramona Forever
Cleary, Beverly                 Henry Huggins
Cleary, Beverly                 Emily's Runaway Imagination
Cleary, Beverly                 Henry and the Paper Route
Cleary, Beverly                 Runaway Ralph
Cleary, Beverly                 Dear Mr. Henshaw
Clifford, Eth                       Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library
Coville, Bruce                   Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Dalgliesh, Alice               Courage of Sarah Noble
Danziger, Paula              Cat Ate My Gymsuit
Danziger, Paula              Make Like a Tree and Leave
Delton, Judy                    Kitty from the Start
Delton, Judy                    Angel's Mother's Baby
Fitzgerald, John             Great Brain
Gilson, Jamie                 Double Dog Dare
Gilson, Jamie                 Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub
Gilson, Jamie                 Hello, My Name is Scrambled Eggs
Gilson, Jamie                 Do Bananas Chew Gum?
Grahame, Kenneth        Reluctant Dragon
Green, Phyllis                 Eating Ice Cream With a Werewolf
Henry, Marguerite          Misty of Chincoteague
Howe, James                 Celery Stalks at Midnight
Howe, James                 Return to Howliday Inn
Howe, James                 Nighty-Nightmare
Hurwitz, Joanna             Hot and Cold Summer
Hurwitz, Johanna           Aldo Peanut Butter
Hurwitz, Johanna           Cold and Hot Winter
Hurwitz, Johanna           Class President
Hurwitz, Johanna           School's Out
Krumgold, Joseph         Onion John
Lowry, Lois                     All About Sam
MacLachlan, Patricia    Arthur, For the Very First Time
Mayerson, EvelynCat    Who Escaped From Steerage
Peck, Robert Newton    Soup
Rockwell, Thomas         How to Eat Fried Worms
Sachar, Louis                Sideways Stories from Wayside School
Sachar, Louis                Wayside School is Falling Down
Selden, George             Cricket in Times Square
Shreve, Susan               Lily and the Runaway Baby
Slote, Alfred                   My Trip to Alpha 1
Smith, Robert                Chocolate Fever
Spinelli, Jerry                 Fourth Grade Rats
Taylor, Mildred D.          Friendship
Taylor, Mildred D.         Gold Cadillac
Taylor, Sydney               All-of-a-Kind Family
White, E.B.                    Trumpet of the Swan
Wilder, Laura Ingalls     Little House on the Rocky Ridge
Wilder, Laura Ingalls     These Happy Golden Years
Wilder, Laura Ingalls     Little Town on the Prairie
Wilder, Laura Ingalls     On the Banks of Plum Creek
Woodruff, Elvira             Magnificent Mummy Maker
Fifth and Sixth Grade:                                                     Top of Page

Abbott, Tony                        Firegirl
Alexander, Lloyd                The Book of Three
Avi                                       True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Babbitt, Natalie                  Eyes of the Amaryllis
Beatty, Patricia                  Turn Homeward Hannalee
Blackwood, Gary               The Shakespeare Stealer
Brooks, Bruce                    Everywhere
Byars, Betty                        Bingo Brown's Guide to Romance
Clements, Andrew             Room One: a Mystery or Two
Cooper, Susan                  The Boggart
Cushman, Karen               Ballad of Lucy Whipple
Curtis, Christopher Paul   Elijah of Buxton
Dash, Joan                        The Longitude Prize
Dorris, Michael                  Sees Behind Trees
Fleischman, Sid                The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story
Gormley, Beatrice             Mail-Order Wings
Graff, Lisa                          The Thing About Georgie
Henkes, Kevin                   Words of Stone
Konigsburg, E.L.               The View from Saturday
Lasky, Kathryn                   The Capture (The Guardians of Ga'hoole)
MacLachlan, Patricia       Edward's Eyes
Morpurgo, Michael           The Amazing Story of Adolphous Tips
Morris, Gerald                  The Squire's Tale
Orlev, Uri                           Island on Bird Street
Paterson, Katherine        Jip
Peck, Richard                  Here Lies the Librarian
Seidler, Tor                      Toes
Snyder, Zilpha                 Cat Running
Spinelli, Jerry                   Maniac Magee
Springer, Nancy              The Case of the Left-Handed Lady
Uchida, Yoshiko              The Best Bad Thing
Wallace, Barbara            Peppermints in the Parlor
Walsh, Jill                         Paton The Green Book
White, Ruth                       Belle Prater's Boy
Winthrop, Elizabeth        Castle in the Attic
Wrede, Patricia              Dealing with Dragons
Yep, Laurence                Dragonwings
7th and 8th Grade:                                                            Top of Page

The Fire-Eaters by Almond
Bobby Burns marks the day he first meets McNulty, the fire-eater, as the day when everything changes. His father becomes ill, the Cold War is reaching them in England as the Cuban Missile Crisis intensifies, and Bobby finds himself enduring abuse at school.

Prairie Whispers by Arrington

Twelve-year-old Colleen and her family homestead on the wild prairie in the 1860's. One stormy night, when Colleen comes across a dying woman and her baby, she makes a promise that becomes dangerous to keep.

Never Mind!: A Twin Novel  by Avi

Forget all you know about matching identities. Edward and Meg might be twins, but they don't match. And they don't like each other. Meg will do anything to keep her friends from finding out about her dorky twin brother, but when she tries to fit in with the popular girls, it becomes Edward's main goal in life to bring her down a notch.

Colibri by Cameron

When Rosa was younger, a fortune-teller told Uncle that Rosa would bring him luck. Now, at 12 years old, another fortune-teller helps Rosa discover her true identity and the family who called her Colibri - little hummingbird.

The Singer of All Songs by Constable

Icy kingdoms, exploding volcanoes, silent Tree Folk and the power of the mystical songs surround Calwyn, Ice Priestess of Antaris, as she and her sorcerer companion, Darrow, stake their lives and their future together in a search to find the evil sorcerer Samis before he becomes the "Singer of All Songs".

The Hollow Kingdom by Dunkle

While roaming the countryside of nineteenth-century England, Marak, the powerful, physically grotesque Goblin King, falls in love with Kate and determines to make her his wife. Horrified by the thought of this marriage, Kate schemes to outwit Marak, only to find her feelings for him are beginning to change.

Race for the Sky by Gutman

Johnny Moore was just a typical boy enjoying life in North Carolina in 1900 until 2 things happened. His mother gave him a book, a blank book, and told him to fill it up. Then two brothers named Wright came to town with a hair-brained idea of building a flying machine.

The King of Slippery Falls by Hite
At fifteen he discovers he is adopted. Quite a shock to the system. When he learns that his life isn't all that he thought it was, he begins a quest, as a giant fish draws him along.

Leaving Protection by Hobbs 

All his life, Robbie has dreamed of king salmon fishing on the open seas. When he finally gets his chance, he discovers the captain has more in mind than just catching fish. Doe Robbie know too much to survive?

The First Part Last by Johnson

Bobby's carefree teenage life changes forever when he becomes a father and must care for his adored baby daughter.

Kira-Kira by Kadohata

Katie Takeshima and her sister Lynn move with their family to Georgia, where they endure discrimination, harsh working conditions, and Lynn's serious illness. Yet Katie and Lynne are able to see many things in their lives as kira-kira, "glittering" in Japanese. After Lynn's death, Katie visits the ocean which her sister had longed to see, and experiences it as kira-kira.

The 7th Knot by Karr

Wick and Miles, two brothers, are sent to Europe with their rich and cantankerous Uncle Eustace and his valet to purchase art. What they expect to be a long and boring trip turns into an amazing and often terrifying adventure.

Tail of Emily Windsnap by Kessler

Emily has a secret. At her first day of swim class in seventh grade she discovers that not only does she love swimming but something extraordinary occurs when she is in the water! Could she be a mermaid?

Crying Rocks by Lisle 

Joelle knows she's adopted - she doesn't look anything like her parents. It takes the interest of a new friend for her to discover a heritage she's always sensed within herself.

Nightmare by Nixon 

Emily is sent to a camp for underachievers where during a class therapy she views a portrait of the woman whose dead body she sees in a recurring nightmare. This is when the trouble begins. Someone does not want her to remember that her nightmare really happened.

East by Pattou

Would you believe that the direction you were facing when born could influence who you are? In this medieval fantasy, Nymah Rose, is facing North (the direction of an unpredictable, wandering child), but her mother lies to keep her close and tells her it was East (an obedient and pliable child). But destiny cannot be denied when a great white bear appears and convinces Nymah Rose to leave with him into the unknown.

Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts by Peck

“If your teacher has to die, August isn't a bad time of year for it,” says Russell Culver. Russell and his brother hope school will shut down for good. Russell's dream of working the New 1904 Case Agitator steel threshing machine at wheat harvest will come true after all. No such luck, his sister, Tansy becomes the new teacher and Russell seems doomed to another year in the classroom.

Vampire High by Rees

Cody Elliot's grades are so abysmal, he doubts that the Vlad Dracul Magnet School will accept him. To his surprise he's allowed in, the only catch being that he must try out for the water polo team. It turns out that the other students are vampires and will die in the water. His teachers automatically give him A's, but Cody realizes that he wants to do the work and get real grades, as bad as they might be.

Teenage Mermaid by Schreiber

A silver heart locket, that's Spencer's only clue. Who is his enchanting rescuer, a lovely girl with "golden yellow and sun-fire orange hair that sparkles like tiny stars?" Waterlilly is her name, and she has done the forbidden - touched an "Earthee." Worse, she has kissed the surfer, who is totally freaked out in an enormous wave. She must retrieve her heirloom necklace; he must find the "gorgeous glistening girl." A mod update of a fairytale classic!

So B. It: A novel by Weeks

Heidi knows very little about her mentally disabled mother - a woman of only 23 total words. At twelve, Heidi begins to resent the mystery and seeks to learn more about her mother and hence herself. Here is Heidi's story of discovery about her spirit, her past and her future.

Secret Hour by Westerfield

Bixby, Oklahoma is the place where the secret hour exists for only a few people of power, the Midnighters and the Creatures of the dark who haunt the shadows. The 25th hour is when all else is frozen until the great moon sets in the sky at the end of the hour. Jessica Day does not appear to be an outsider like the other Midnighters at Bixby High when she moves there from Chicago. But outsider or not, Jessica will soon discover she has a hidden power that the dark creatures sense.