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Deacon Willard Lewis House
33 West St.
Walpole, MA  02081


Open to the Public Saturdays

from 2 PM to 4 PM

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History of the Society - Founded in 1898, became inactive in the 1930's, reactivated in 1963.  In the early 1970's the Society leased its present quarters from the Town.  The Lewis House, built in 1826, is Walpole's only home on the National Register of Historic Sites.

Purpose - The Society's objectives are to collect, preserve and disseminate Walpole's history.  To this end, the Society gathers books, documents, pamphlets, memorabilia, memoirs, and artifacts which it displays and makes accessible for public viewing and study.

Activities - The Society provides for the publication of writings on Walpole history.  It recently published Once told tales of Walpole and produced Images of America: Walpole.  Now available is an enhanced and clarified reprint of the rare A History of Walpole. Mass., written by Isaac Newton Lewis  and published in 1905 by the First Walpole Historical Society.  The Society presents, four times a year, public "Programs" featuring subjects concerning  facets of Town history or a process pertinent to the Society's functions.  The Lewis house, in addition to being open for informal visits, is host to a more formal 'Open House' in June.  Members are provided with a Newsletter which details events and activities.

Membership - The Society is not supported by municipal funds.   It is a non-profit voluntary organization whose membership is open to persons of all ages, place of birth, nationality or place of residence.  Members are obliged to pay annual dues; $10 for an individual or $15 for a family.  An annual donation of $50 or more entitles the donor to the title of 'Patron'.

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Governance - Society bylaws provide for annual election (in April) of Officers and, as many as, eight Directors.  The current (April 2007) roster of Officers and Directors is.



President - John R. Anderson Joanne Ciannavei
Vice President - Roberta McCormack Mary Ciannavei
Treasurer- Janice Young Anna Cunningham
Corresponding SecretarySusan A. Cosman Louis E. Hoegler
Librarian - vacant Kathleen Hutchinson
Curator - Susan Anderson Mary Marinelli
Recording Secretary - Josh Cole Joseph M. Morgan
Roger F. Turner, Jr.

For additional information on all aspects of the Society, please contact:


Walpole Historical Society Gift Shop Items:

MEMORABILIA: "ENTERING WALPOLE" refrigerator magnets ($1)

MAPS: 1832 Hewins' WALPOLE MAP (replica) produced in 1974 for Walpole's 200th anniversary, embellished with 24 drawings of local landmarks, indexed, 22"x28" ($1) 1882 WALPOLE bird's-eye-view, by G.H. Bailey, with five added drawings of factories, indexed, (replica) 22"x28", 'blue-line' on white ($1)

BOOKS: STORY OF WALPOLE by Willard De Lue. Commissioned by the Town in 1924. "official" Town History, with 37-page Appendix detailing Walpole's Bicentennial events. 374 pages, 32 illustrations, index and bibliography (cloth $40) ONCE TOLD TALES OF WALPOLE: Twenty one essays by local authors from the collection of the Walpole Historical Society. Edited by Betty Cottrell and Karl West. 150 pages, 36 vintage illustrations. Published in 1998 by the Society (cloth $30, paper $15) "IMAGES of America WALPOLE" by Society members: Deborah Ranaldi, Guy J. Ciannavei, Barbara Parker, Jeff Mattson and Roberta McCormack. 128 pages, 233 vintage photos. Arcadia Publishing 1998. (paper $15) A HISTORY of WALPOLE, Mass. by Isaac Newton Lewis. Enhanced reprint with introduction and supplementary material compiled and edited by Guy J. Ciannavei. 241 pages, 34 illustrations. Indexes of names, years and subjects. Published by the Society 1999. (cloth $35, paper $22)