Mission Statement

The mission of the Walpole Public Library is to provide for the informational needs of the residents of Walpole.  Its role is rooted in the community from its inception in 1876 with the founding of the first public library in Walpole.  Throughout the years, it has worked closely with complimentary groups in the town to fulfill its mission.  This has included close cooperation with the school system, the business community, town government, arts and cultural groups and the many other groups that comprises the social network of the community.

Major service roles include the following:
  1. providing unrestricted access to the many forms of information, both in physical and virtual form
  2. connecting Walpole to other communities through participation in a Library network
  3. maintaining a historical record of the community
  4. providing the tools necessary for residents to access the online world
  5. serving the informational needs of specific groups (i.e. children, young adults and the elderly) with specific collections and programming
  6. providing an atmosphere and physical facility which promotes self-education and interaction with different members of the community.