Vital Records of Walpole To 1850

The Town Of Walpole, Massachusetts in Norfolk County, was established in 1724. At various times from then until 1834, parts of Sharon and Foxborough were added to Walpole. In 1901, a council was established to publish records for all of the towns in Massachusetts. The following information, which contains vital records until 1850, is a result of that publication.

*** Please note, that as in many compendiums of historical records, the information contained is not complete. Entries may be missing and need to be researched through other sources.

Due to the large volume of data, the information has been segmented into several files for ease of use. The major categories of births, deaths and marriages are organized alphabetically and have each been broken into 4 sections: A-D, E-L, M-R, and S-Z. The links on this page will allow you to review each of these sections of the data.

Introduction, Notes and Births (Last names from A - D)
Births (Last names from E-L)
Births (Last names from M-R)
Births (Last names from S-Z)

Deaths (Last names from A-D)
Deaths (Last names from E-L)
Deaths (Last names from M-R)
Deaths (Last names from S-Z and unidentified)

Marriages (Last names from A-D)
Marriages (Last names from E-L)
Marriages (Last names from M-R)
Marriages (Last names from S-Z and unidentified)

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