In Memoria of Virginia M. Fettig

On November 30, 2022, our long serving Walpole Public Library Endowment Trustee, Virginia M. (MacLellan) Fettig, age 88, passed away peacefully at her home in Walpole, surrounded by her loving family.

The Walpole Public Library Endowment, among many other Walpole area organizations, was a grateful beneficiary of the artful–knowledge, intelligence and quiet force of Virginia M. Fettig. We celebrate her life and mourn our loss of a wonderful giving life. She was called daughter, sister, teacher, attorney, wife, mother and friend. Virginia was on the “ground floor” of building of the new library. She and her husband, Ken, have been generous benefactors of the Endowment. Virginia’s gift of her time, talent and treasure, including volunteer legal advice as trustee to the Endowment, will be irreplaceable. She was an original trustee and drafter of Walpole Public Library Endowment Trust—all pro bono for the nonprofit. With her efforts, she helped the Walpole Public Library Endowment Trust to flourish and grow. She was a trustee until her passing.

To quote from her obituary, “[Virginia] pursued a legal career with integrity and compassion. She lived and acted on her belief that a citizen’s civic responsibility requires action to further a fair and just society.”

With all that said, Virginia is sorely missed, in all of the above hats she wore. We must now turn the page onto the next chapter, as she would have wanted, and continue to provide for the town of Walpole, a vibrant and welcoming place in the Walpole Public Library with the help of the Endowment.