History of the Acadians in Walpole (The Walpole Times – May 1966)

Communication Acadian – 1925 (PDF for download)

History of Blackburn Memorial

In 1929 the Town of Walpole received a legacy of $50,000 from Harriette F. (Blackburn) Nevins (Mrs. David Nevins) of Methuen, for the erection of a public building in memory of her father and mother. Her father at one time lived and carried on business in Walpole. This building is the Blackburn Memorial Building. In addition, Mrs. Nevins left $2500 to build a fountain for horses and dogs. This fountain is erected on School St. nearly opposite the Stone Schoolhouse (same location as the Walpole Public Library).

Blackburn Bequest History (PDF for download)                         Blackburn Memorial Dedication (PDF for download)

The Boston Post Cane

The Boston Post presented a cane intended to be “owned and carried” by the oldest citizen of Walpole beginning in 1909. Upon the decease of the present oldest citizen, it is duly transmitted to the then oldest citizen.

The cane itself was manufactured especially for this purpose by J.F. Fradley & Co., of New York, of “carefully selected Gaboon ebony from the Congo, Africa, and the head is made of rolled gold of 14 karat fineness,” as noted by E.A. Grozier, Editor and Publisher of The Boston Post in his letter to the Board of Selectmen of Walpole in August of 1909.

Walpole Recipients

Addison Page, August 30, 1909

Henry G. Scherer,

Henry E. Achorn, September 29, 1920

Porter Boyden, May 23, 1930

Samuel Hannaford, July 13, 1931

John McDavitt, April 5, 1933

George Kingsbury, October 31, 1935

Edmund F. Gay, January 21, 1940, (part 2 of article)

Charles Goodwin, October 26, 1941, (part 2 of article)

Theodore Slafter, February 18, 1943 (part 2 of article)

Henry Hildebrand, September 23, 1943

David Yuill, September 21, 1950

Joseph Greenwood, February 7, 1957

Patrick Broderick, May 8, 1958

LeRoy F. Spear, August, 1970, (photo)

Frank Smith, February 4, 1985 (photo and part 2 of article)

Grace M. Speir, March 20, 1986

Maude Allen, April 8, 1994
Gertrude Nelson, April 8, 1994
Both recipients were born on the same day. (photo and part 2 of article)

Georgie Marie Meyer, December 1, 1995 (part 2 of article)

Cane Retired

Walpole’s Boston Post cane is on display in the Town Hall next to the Town Clerk’s office.